Vermilion River Tool & Equipment Company

All VERTECO tools are designed and manufactured to API 8C and 7K specifications. We are a API monogram company and all of VERTECO’s tools are Design Verification Tested with production slips and dies, followed by a thorough examination for defects before being sent out to work in the field.

VERTECO designed and produced the world’s first 1000 ton F.M.S. (Flush Mount Spider) which took the oilfield by surprise. It has been a consistently strong performer and is the supreme example of its type.

VERTECO has several issued US Patents 7,891,469 – 7,775,270 – 7,267,168 – 8.146.671 US Patent App. 61/593,714 EU Patent App. 09251052.8 GB Patent 0906063.3 – covering the design of its unique slips, dies and tool body construction. The dies grip the tubular securely, yet resist crushing of the tubular to an unprecedented degree the dies are able to grip a 1″ range of pipe diameters and still maintain evenly spaced die contact points (critically important) around the periphery of the pipe. This last feature enables these tools to run tapered tubing strings without any rig down-time to change tools. Also, these tools resist make-up and break-out torque eliminating the need for tong back-ups.


Current production spiders and elevators are available for 2 3/8″ to 30″ diameters and 500 to 1250 ton capacities. Many of our tools have been used successfully in deep water, in the Gulf and North Sea.