Vermilion River Tool & Equipment Company
The R&D staff has over 120 years of combined experience in the oil industry.

Custom Services

VERTECO has a well-staffed R&D department that, not only supports the design and development of VERTECO’s line of flush mounted spiders and elevators, but also provides the following services to customers:

  1. Custom tool design, from concept to complete model including detailed drawings.
  2. Modification of existing tools per customer specifications.
  3. Finite Element Analysis of your tool, part or tubular highlighting areas of high stress.
  4. Dimensional inspection services using the latest three-dimensional laser Coordinate Measuring Machines such as the Faro arm pictured below.
  5. Reverse engineering of your parts providing working models and drawings ready for manufacture.
Images: 1) Faro inspection arm with laser attachment 2) A die reverse engineered using the laser attachment and geomatic software 3) A solid model of a shoulder type elevator

Images: 1 & 2) depict Finite Element Analysis of a Slip. 3) depicts Finite Element Analysis of a Tubular.

Highly Skilled Staff

The R&D staff has over 120 years of combined experience in the oil industry. The staff is highly trained in the use of the latest design and inspection software such as Inventor™ and AutoCad™ by Autodesk, ABAQUS® FEA software by Simulia and Geomagic™ software among others. With Geomagic Studio, Qualify and Faro’s Laser Scanning attachment, we can easily gather millions of data points to fit your reverse engineering needs.

For an initial consultation on your project, please contact David Sipos at [email protected].